Southeast Attack Squadron (SAS)
a Radio-Controlled Model Warship Combat Club
August Ambush
Aug 14 2004 to Aug 15 2004
Trotwood Park
(Winter Springs, Fl)
Allied Fleet:
Dennis Smith
USS Brooklyn
USS Brooklyn (3.0units 23sec)CL3.02370
Frank Falango
USS Arizona
 (Pennsylvania class)
USS Arizona (5.5units 26sec)DN5.52665
Total Allied Ships: 2
Total Battle Units: 8.5

Allied Fleet:
rick king
DKM Scharnhorst
DKM Scharnhorst (5.0units 24sec)BC5.024H4
Jeff Lipp
DKM Koln
DKM Koln (2.5units 22sec)CL2.52274
Total Axis Ships: 2
Total Battle Units: 7.5

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Additional Notes:
$5 fee Co2 drinks and ice provided.