Southeast Attack Squadron (SAS)
a Radio-Controlled Model Warship Combat Club
Labor Day Lash Up
Sept 03 2006 to Sept 03 2006
Port Authority Pond
(Sanford, Fl)
Allied Fleet:
Rick King
USS Maryland
 (Colorado class)
USS Maryland (5.5units 26sec)DN5.526H4
Don Cole
USS Alabama
 (South Dakota class)
USS Alabama (0.0units 26sec)BB0.02661
Frank Falango
USS Arizona
 (Pennsylvania class)
USS Arizona (5.5units 26sec)DN5.52665
Total Allied Ships: 3
Total Battle Units: 11

Allied Fleet:
Total Axis Ships: 0
Total Battle Units: 0

Additional Info:
Pictures from the Battle!
Contact Event Host: Rick King e-mail: rking157@cfl.rr.com

Additional Notes:
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