Southeast Attack Squadron (SAS)
a Radio-Controlled Model Warship Combat Club
Boro BB Bash
Oct 22 2011 to Oct 23 2011
Fletcher Memorial Park
(Statesboro, GA)
Allied Fleet:
Brian Koehler
HMS Empress of India
 (Iron Duke class)
HMS Empress of India (5.0units 26sec)DN5.02603
Tim Krakowski
HMS Marlborough
 (Iron Duke class)
HMS Marlborough (5.0units 26sec)DN5.0262.4GHz
Stefan Minton
HMS Invincible
HMS Invincible (4.0units 26sec)BC4.0262.4GHz
Pete Demetri
HMS Valiant
 (Q. Elizabeth class)
HMS Valiant (5.5units 26sec)BB5.526Any
Don Cole
HMS Iron Duke
HMS Iron Duke (5.0units 26sec)DN5.0262.4GHz
Total Allied Ships: 5
Total Battle Units: 24.5

Allied Fleet:
Clark Ward
 (Baden class)
Badenlicious (5.5units 28sec)DN5.5282.4GHz
Christopher Koehler
SMS Bayern
 (Baden class)
SMS Bayern (5.5units 28sec)BB5.5282.4GHz
Bill Byrnes
SMS Viribus Unitis
SMS Viribus Unitis (4.0units 28sec)DN4.0282.4GHz
Rick King
 (Deutschland class)
(3.5units 23sec)CA3.523H4
Total Axis Ships: 4
Total Battle Units: 18.5

Additional Info:
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