Southeast Attack Squadron (SAS)
a Radio-Controlled Model Warship Combat Club
April Ambush
Apr 12 2014 to Apr 13 2014
Fletcher Memorial Park
(Statesboro, GA)
Allied Fleet:
Brian Koehler
HMS Queen Elizabeth
 (Q. Elizabeth class)
HMS Queen Elizabeth (5.5 units 26sec)DN5.5 2604
El Guapo
HMS Malaya
 (Q. Elizabeth (B) class)
HMS Malaya (5.5 units 26sec)DN5.5 262.4GHz
Total Allied Ships: 2
Total Battle Units: 11

Allied Fleet:
Chris Koehler
SMS Bayern
 (Baden class)
SMS Bayern (5.5 units 28sec)DN5.5 282.4GHz
Total Axis Ships: 1
Total Battle Units: 5.5

Additional Info:
Online Directions: Click Here
Contact Event Host: Brian Koehler e-mail: bkoehler@georgiasouthern.edu

Additional Notes:
CO2 will be provided