Southeast Attack Squadron (SAS)
a Radio-Controlled Model Warship Combat Club
    One aspect of our hobby is that there are no commercial sources for completely pre-built ships "ready-out-of-the-box" like there are for certain other R/C hobbies. Of course, this leads to one of the more pleasurable aspects of the hobby, the variety and uniqueness of the different ships built by different captains. For most of our captains, building the ships is as much fun as battling them (and why we always seem to be building more ships even after we already have one... or two... or three... or... (I'll shut up now). Fortunately there are now a couple good sources dedicated to supplying quality ship kits (or just parts) specifically for our hobby:
    Many of our members did not start with the skills and knowledge neccessary to build all the systems in our ships. Many of us got our start by purchasing a used ship (either whole or partialy-built) from another member and learned from what we saw in that ship (This Webamster notes his first TWO ships were used ships he just replaced the motors, wiring, and radios in!) Toward that end, SAS tries to help captains in our region and make getting started easy by listing ships that captains have to sell (see below). SAS makes no claims or services regarding the sale of these ships. Anyone interested in a ship below MUST contact the captain selling the ship and work out all arrangements.

One of our members has a very nice DKM Bismark he bought from another captain but then decided to build a cruiser before he finished outfitting this Bismark. It is completely built and was battled by the original captain, but some of the internals were removed so it will need a few items to be battle-ready again. The captain reports that all it should need is a bottle, solenoids, barrels, and batteries. He is asking $450. It is too big for him to ship but would bring it to a SAS battle to sell (or could likely deliver it if not too far - southeast region).

Rick Whitesell (Captain of the USS Jamaica) has amassed quite a collection over his years in our hobby, but has decided to part with some of the ships he no longer uses and/or does not have time to finish construction on (some are simply too similar to other ships he already has). Please note that none of the items for sale below include BB cannons even if shown in the picture. There is also no mailing cost if you can pick up the ship at an event he is attending (or meet him in the Kansas City area). If you are interested in any of the ships or "extra's" below then you can contact Rick at: 5555pirate@gmail.com

FOR SALE: USS Salt Lake City
USS Salt Lake City (Class 3 heavy cruiser): Originally a North Hampton built in 1989 as my first ship. Converted it to the SLC by cutting the hull down to the smaller size. Hull bottom in wood but fiberglassed inside and out. Still in pretty good shape. The Superstruction shows some repairable battle damage. Has 'ram bars' to reduce ram damage. I will include a mold for the main turrets if you want it.
Price: $35, Mail: $15

FOR SALE: USS North Carolina
USS North Carolina (Class 6 battleship): Built in 1989-1999 with Swampworks hull and many castings from borrowed Bart Purvis molds. Deck and some superstructure is G10 fiberglass. Has battle damage in areas. Include two traxxas Motor mounts.
Price: $50, Mailing: $35

FOR SALE: USS North Carolina HULL
USS North Carolina (Class 6 battleship): Strike Models Hull and deck kit, with main and secondary turrets are new. Includes drawings and color pictures of various paint schemes. Purchased about one year ago. Used Co2 Bottle not included but available.
Price: $150, Mailing: $40

FOR SALE: USS Northampton HULL
USS North Hampton (Class 3 heavy cruiser): Hull, superstructure parts, deck, drawings and hardware shown were purchased from Strike Models about a year ago. I halted construction while working the hull rib cutouts as shown in pictures. Includes 144th scale drawings. A used 3.5 Oz CO2 bottle not included but is available.
Price: $100, Mailing: $35

Rick also has the following extra's for sale:
Two used 7 Ounce Co2 Bottles with valves (Price: $5 each, Mail: $3.50 each)
Two used 3.5 Ounce Co2 Bottles with valves (Price: $5 each, Mail: $3 each)
One Futaba 7C 7 channel 2.4mHz Transmitter and receiver with a foam padded plastic shell protective case. This radio has not been used and is stock (no mod. for firing buttons ). (Price: $75, Mail: $12)
If you are interested in any of the sale items send Rick an email at: 5555pirate@gmail.com

Any SAS captains wishing to list a ship (or hull) for sale may contact the webmaster Brian Koehler
There are often ships listed on the "Port Polar Bear" (a northern club) Website, so it would be a good idea to check there as well.
Port Polar Bear For Sale Page