Southeast Attack Squadron (SAS)
a Radio-Controlled Model Warship Combat Club
Below you will find links to website of our various chapters and members, as well as links to commercial sites our members commonly obtain parts for our combat boats.
International Radio Controlled Warship Combat Club (IRCWCC)
For over 20 years, the IR/CWCC has been dedicated to the battling of radio-controlled 1/144 scale warships. Each ship is equipped with one or more BB cannons which are capable of putting a small hole through an opponent's hull which is built out of 1/32" balsa wood. If too much damage is taken, or an equipment failure occurs, the ship will sink.
The local Atlanta chapter of our captains. They have a pretty regular group that has monthly battles in Atlanta (mostly destroyers) and who also travel to Statesboro for the Fall and Spring Regional battles.
Great Lakes Attack Squadron (GLAS)
Welcome to Michigan's captains' website. Our group is filled with camaraderie and a desire to help new members. After all, then we get to shoot at you!" - Will Cover
Nevada Combat Ships
New website for the Nevada (and Northern California) region. Be forewarned, the desert does strange things to the minds of Nevada Captains. - Brandon Smith
Port Polar Bear (PPB)
The guys up in the great white north. Rumors abound that they fit skates to their ships for winter use.
R/C Warship Combat
"An interesting site: Nick (the site owner) is trying to help the global combat model ship hobby by making an informational site with lots of FAQs, forums, info, and links to all the other clubs (grouped by region to help new prospective captains find local contacts). A very slick layout and well done."
Southern California Rapid Attack Patrol (SCRAP)
The southern California captaions. A club with a lot of experienced captains. Good reference materials and pictures of captains ships are available here.
Texas Naval Brigade (TNB)
The new home of the Texas Naval Brigade (group of captains from al over Texas who battle 1:144 "fast-gun" style combat - Johnny Adams
Western Warship Combat Club
"Another club that battles 144 scale boats. A California chapter affilated with the "Big Gun" club that battles a slightly different set of rules and with various sizes of shot (for different cannon calibers)."
Washington Cascade Column
"Captains in the western washington area that battles our same 1:144 scale warships."

The Commodore's Page
Geared towards the Allied end of the battling spectrum, this site contains many excellent photos, tips, and ship component articles.
Reichenbach's Shipyard
Steve Rechenbach's NEW page of ships, battle reports, and construction tips.
Model Warship Combat - Allied Supreme Headquarters
Here's the site by Joe Kutz which is geared towards the Allied end of the battling spectrum. This site has excellent Nats coverage for 1996, 1997 and 1998.
BrianK's Shipyard
BrianK's (our webmaster) website. Recently moved and redone. There are photo's of his ships as well as a contruction article on his scratch-built HMS Vanguard.
Johnny's Boat Photos
Johnny has photo's on his Picasa Web Album site of his ships, some electronics, and some battles.
Johnny's Help Page
So you want to build a Model Warship? Johnny has started an informational blog to help new captains pick a starter ship, find parts, etc.

Combat Model Specific Sites
Battlers Connection
An excellent collection of kits and accessories using the latest manufacturing techniques. For keeping you on the competitive edge in R/C model warship combat. The beginner's best choice. - Charley Stephens A past NATS sponsor.
Many have lamented the loss of Swampworks Mfg, which provided parts to many of the captains when the hobby was new. Fortunately, Strike Models has purchased Swampworks Mfg and all of its assets. It is delightful to have another source of fine parts for our Magnificient Obsession.
SpudWerks Shipyard
Many new captains want to get onto the water quick (and perhaps build their own ship for their second ship, while they have one running to play with). A couple of our southeastern captains have bonded together to creat "SpudsWerks Shipyard" and build ships, including specific ships to-order, to help new captains get into our hobby (and these guys just love building ships). You can also often meet them to talk about a ship in-person at SAS battles.
Browning Ship Yards
An Australian maker of fiberglass hulls. He has molds for quite a number of different warships (and he does ship hulls to the US).
Grey Wolf Squadron Shipyard
The new providers of the "Termite Armor" and other ship accessories orginally designed by Peter Kunisch.
Laser Cut R/C Combat Ships
Mark Jenks website. He makes very nice laser-cut wood kits of some scale model warships for our hobby.
These guys have been working to develop an easy-assembly entry-level ship via vacuum-formed polystyrene. Their first kit is based on the USS Fletcher (see the link above).
All Other Commercial Links
Supplier of balsa, model kits, and accessories.
Supplier of surface radios, motors, gears, etc for model robotics, but much of it is usable for R/C boats as well.
As you may have guessed, they sell batteries. A past NATS sponsor.
Clippard Parts
This is the place to get all the various brass fittings and hoses we use for the CO2 lines, as well as the solenoids used by some members in our hobby to fire the guns. A past NATS sponsor.
Daisy Outdoor Products
Well known for their air rifles and pellets. Most of our captains use these BB's in their ship cannons.
If you want something hobby related, odds are they have it. A past NATS sponsor.
Harbor Models
Supplier of parts for ships in many different scales.
Historical Naval Ships Association
Good source of free U.S. ship plans.
Lone Star Balsa
Fine quality 1/32" balsa, balsa block, and other wood sheeting preferred by many of our captains! A past NATS sponsor.
Micro Fasteners
The source for all the screws and stainless steel hardware you see everyone using. A past NATS sponsor.
"Items of interest to wood workers, R/C, card modelers, scale modelers of cars, trains, planes, dioramas, military vehicles, rockets, railroads, ships and dollhouses, plastic, wood or metal."
(British) National Maritime Museum
"Large collection of ships plans are available here for purchase for private research and/or model building."
Prop Shop
Producer of boat model propellors and related parts.
Sea War Store
Sells naval shirts, flags, mugs many other accessories as well! A past NATS sponsor.
Servo City
A great source for servos, and they have many other accessories as well!
SIG Manufacturing
Another source of good balsa and the competition-grade silkspan preferred for our boats!
Team Delta
Team Delta makes the electronic cards usable with R/C receivers that many of our captains use to switch on drive motors, pumps, etc. A past NATS sponsor.
Tower Hobbies
Lots of good stuff for sale. If you haven't received their catalog yet, do so as you're missing out on some great stuff! A past NATS sponsor.
Trident Hobbies
"With over 700 plastic and resin ship models as well as tools and supplies in stock,
chances are if it exists, we can get it to you."
Zurich International
Excellent supplier of fashionable safety glasses for the hobby of model warship combat.